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Traveling around (my kitchen and bookshelf)

When I originally started this blog, I was traveling a lot. Living in Europe, that heaven where ryanair and easyjet offerings are plentiful, meant that I spent most weekends a short 2-hour flight away visiting a friend, or hosting a friend from another country, or plotting where to fly to next.

Moving to the US changed that and made my personal travel less frequent. Flight prices, my health insurance and rent went up, inversely to my annual leave allocation. So I explored locally, noticing the cherry blossoms outside my front door and the spectacular sunsets,  biking along the Potomac admiring how the seasons painted the riverbanks, wandering about the streets of Chevy Chase and trying to decide which house I’d like to live in, or discovering the quaintly named town of North East.

I still travel – mostly for work, but a lot of the enjoyment is dulled by not having my life and travel companion with me. I miss his excitement for seeing new places and his patience with my obsessive worries about whether or not I turned off the iron at home and his talent for taking couple selfies and his presence at my side (metaphorically – he is usually exploring a few steps ahead).

All this to stay, while this blog has been focused on (predominantly) international travel for so long, I feel it is time to expand its scope to include other areas of my life – some hobbies (reading, music), some obsessions (cooking), some thoughts (I promise I will steer clear of politics).

So expect more photos of incredibly delicious international food that you could make in your own kitchen and compilations of foreign language songs and reviews of books you should/shouldn’t read.

I’d also like to take a step towards better figuring out who you – my dear readers – are and what you are interested in reading about. Any thoughts, anyone? Constructive comments (and heaping praise, if you feel the need) can be left in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!