So far, in Africa…

Or… so far in Africa, I’ve discovered:

-there are a lot more scooters, bikes, motorcycles than cars

-African women carry everything on their heads  (and so gracefully too!)

-A parrot can land on the table next to you and other restaurant clients can try to teach it to sing the Marseillaise


-It’s hot. So hot. But also very windy, which makes wearing knee-length dresses risky (risque too!)

-Fresh pineapple tastes nothing like the canned version.

-A beach shack looks much like a beach shack except there might be carved wooden giraffes in it.


-Even though I haven’t ventured much from the hotel, the panorama from my window is still quite interesting.


-I can buy a traditional African dress or carved mask in the hotel, but not toothpaste.

Let’s see what the next day brings!