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A Perfect Spring Day (for an introvert)

Strolling in a light sweater and jeans to the tax preparer’s office

Sipping a heart-swirled latte over Arabic grammar exercises, in the sunlight of a cafe terrace, while two dogs whose owner is asleep inch their noses to the muffin crumbs left on the ground

A phone call to grandparents on skype while clean winter scarves flutter dry in the breeze, waiting to be folded and stored until next winter

A fresh, toasted bagel with capers embedded in cream cheese, pink smoked salmon, a few pinches of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon

A mid-afternoon jog in the park across the street, admiring the colors and the green (the green! how come I never noticed how many colors are in green?) and the DC monuments on the horizon, just over the river

As much as I love to travel, sometimes, it’s nice to be home.