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Christmas Day the Polish way

The good thing about going all out on Christmas Eve is you are mostly off the hook on Christmas Day. Thankfully so, because you’ll probably be exhausted after the cooking of the two days before (we didn’t make it to Midnight Mass, but still had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning). Just be creative about laying out leftovers, use some delicious pancake mix and throw some bacon in a pan and you are ready to go.



By the way, the blue dishes we are using are from a factory in Poland called Boleslawiec. They can often by spotted at Marshalls or Christmas Tree Shoppe in the US.

That leaves all the more time for the other traditional Polish entertainment that alternates with holiday feasting – a bracing ‘walk’ (aka hike) in freezing, or sub-freezing, temperatures.

We explored a hitherto unknown park, Mason Neck State Park.

It was quiet


It was still


It was empty


It was beautiful.