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Locally-sourced adventures

When a colleague goes up to Baltimore for work on a Saturday, there is nothing to prohibit a wanderlust-afflicted friend from jumping into the passenger seat of a zipcar and zipping along to “that place on the map”, a place chosen by pointing an indiscriminate finger at a peninsula north east of the city, invitingly shaded over with green and surrounded -as a peninsula should be- with blue.

And so it is I found myself discovering North East, MD, and Elk Neck State Park on a cloudy yet beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Surprised to discover that the ‘cliffs’ were actually quite jagged


Glimpses of sailboats through some overhanging branches


Glimpses of clouds through others


Even a beach, although perhaps not for tanning


The azure sky peaking through the grey clouds, winking at us


Signs of autumn in the air and in the trees


A well-deserved break for lunch and people-watching at the busiest intersection of North East


Munching on crabcakes and morsels of friendly conversation


Visiting a local curio shop/antique store/organic garden all-in-oneP1020902

Strolling through the miniature yet Victorian-esque town

Admiring the detail of the town lampposts

District 5 North East-20130914-00281And participating in some herring-snatching (before dark, of course).

herring snatchers park

‘Twas an adventurous day indeed!