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Bison, burritos and breakfast

Today, thanks to the creativity and generous spirit of a colleague and friend from the Denver office I visited, I was able to experience the title trio against the backdrop of a beautiful sunrise.

In between work meetings, we didn’t have much time to spend together, but she made every moment count with her suggestion to meet at 6.30 AM so she could drive me outside of Denver to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, or what I called the “Colorado safari”. 20170131_070648.jpg

Armed with breakfast burritos, we drove in the lightening dark toward the refuge. Turning off the highway, she explained to me the history of how a former chemical weapons manufacturing facility (brr!) had been closed in the 1990s, and transformed into a refuge for wild animals, including a herd of bison that were reintroduced to the grounds just 10 years ago and now roam the land, free.


The January early morning chill kept its strength but the rising sun illuminated the landscape, seemingly remote, yet right next to Commerce City.


It just looked like a tornado.


I crunched through frozen ground so she could take this perfectly timed shot with branches framing me against the sunrise.

We didn’t get close enough on our drive to take any photos of the imposing bison. My friend was even starting to despair that I would see any raptors, who apparently come to nest in the park. But just as we reluctantly drove toward the exit to join the morning Denver traffic rush, two eagles started circling in the air above us.

And one even posed for us, silent and silhouetted against the sun, on a pole right by the park exit. FullSizeR.jpg

What an unforgettable start to a January Tuesday!