Monthly Archives: April 2011

An Even More Subjective Expat Attempt at Survival

So dear readers, I am back in France and I have completely gone off the radar. I am well aware of that and no, it is not because I am upset at the very limited response to my appeal when I was leaving the US. OK, I realize it was a bit of emotional manipulation, after all I was going back to work in a place I have already worked in a  country I know and whose language I speak. Hardly a heart-rendingly difficult situation…

So for those of you who wrote, thank you, and for all of you who didn’t but I still like you anyway: I am doing well, albeit still in an uncertain living situation (it’s a long story which may or may not involve incredibly annoying neighbors blasting music every other day at 2 AM, and a lovely Brazilian friend who has agreed to adopt me for the time being). Work is very, very busy, but exciting and actually fun, and after work I spend my time doing fun things as in riding my bike like one  mad all over town to make sure I don’t miss my successive apartment visits.

In sum, don’t expect me to write too much until I actually settle down in my own QUIET place.

On the plus side, Lyon is still beautiful: