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It’s the day before a transatlantic flight, and I’m not packed

Or panicked.

Usually, at 7 PM the day before a transatlantic flight, I would be scrambling to find the last matching socks in the dryer, looking through stacks of papers that are hopefully not all essential to take, jumping on my clothes in an attempt to actually close the suitcase, and  trying to locate at least one of my two passports.

But I’m not, and there will be no mad nightlong marathon, and I will NOT be dreaming about customs officials glaring me down or whether the marble pestle and mortar set I have packed in my cabin luggage will survive the flight, and TSA inspection.

I’ve rebooked (pending French expedia actually emailing me confirmation of the new itinerary) my trip and won’t be leaving for France for another month.

This new blog will hopefully have fully taken off by then.

Check in daily for a rundown of my  travel misadventures in France, Belgium, the UK, Argentina, Poland, Ireland and the US. And that’s just from the last year.