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Sleeping on salt

Salt hotels are a specialty of Salar de Uyuni and rank rather high up on the ‘odd places to sleep’ bucket list that my fiance and I have collated (next up there are: tree houses in Sweden and Ice hotel in Norway). There are I believe three hotels of similar quality (around 3 stars) and the original salt hotel which started the trend and has since been turned into a salt sculpture museum of sorts (although you can still stay there, based on the cleanliness of the toilets, it would not be my first choice).


Looks a tad rustic, no?


A clock made of salt!


A lady and ? made of salt!

The hotel we stayed at, Cristal Samana, was of much higher quality, and the salt there was much brighter.


The lounge/game room was made of salt!10398856_10103339225606964_5520033127952421796_n

We didn’t try the pool table, but the ping pong table was quite dusty and full of salt particles (we soon found out why when my serves weren’t up to par and we fished the ball out of the salt floor many times).


Wall images made of salt… with some seasonal pillows to match. After all, Santa Claus comes to Latin America on a llama, not a reindeer!


It was fun to sit in the dining room, even though as you will notice they did not have salt shakers on the table, which prompted me at dinner once to exclaim “Do they have any salt in this place?” as I crunched on salt underfoot, my plate sat on a salt table, and  I faced a wall made out of pure salt. 🙂


Our bedroom, too, was made of salt, with a cute sunroom of sorts by the window (overlooking unfortunately just a salty desert).


To answer your questions about sleeping on a ledge of salt, no, it really doesn’t feel much different than a normal bed frame with a mattress on top, but it’s cool to say you’ve slept on a salt bed 🙂


The salt wall carvings were really what got my attention. That, and a sort of trough on the left side of the bed (carved out of salt, of course) whose purpose I have as yet to figure out.

The only part of the room that was not made of salt was the TV and cabinet, as well as the bathroom which was just a standard bathroom, except we weren’t really supposed to use too much water because of the isolated location of the hotel.

All in all, not a bad place to stay for a few December days!