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Interpersonal Interlude

I’m going to take a break from my regularly scheduled programming (ie writing about Kazakh food and hotel employees) to assure you that, although it may seem otherwise, I do not fixate on food and people when I travel. Only when I write about traveling. That’s not so bad, right?

I mean, I do get all excited about beautiful mountains (especially when they are snow-capped or covered in a mosaic of rich autumn colors) and age-old historical monuments and sand-swept beaches and quaint stone-encased medieval alleys in European cities. But I feel my impressions on beholding these are better shared by posting a well-chosen photo for your silent enjoyment rather than my going into cliched descriptions like above.

So I prefer to write about people and food. People everywhere – not just in foreign countries – and the way they think and speak and walk and eat and drink and cook and exercise and dress – are endlessly fascinating. Mostly because every time I travel, I discover that in spite of language barriers, historical stigma,  and perceived oddities of behavior, the people I meet are, well, people, just like me (brilliant insight, I know. I promise I will post brilliant pictures of mountains and mouthwatering descriptions of food and juicy gossip from the cleaning ladies tomorrow to make up for this atrocity of a post).

For an intellectual challenge seeing as this post probably provided none, try finding the dog in the picture below (taken in Almaty’s main public park).