The end of the year on the world’s largest salt flat

No, this is not a story of an apocalypse.

Before I started discovering South America myself, I’d followed plenty of Facebook friends through their glorious if not glamorous backpacking trips over the continent. From my couch in Washington DC, I’d imagine myself with them, on a horse in Patagonia with the gauchos or in what always seemed to be snowcapped Tierra del Fuego, in the southernmost city of the world.

The one place that stood out the most – and provoked the most longing and envy in me – was Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. I saw my friends bundled up in many colorful layers, on a seemingly endless horizon of white, taking amazing photos and laughing and enjoying the unearthly landscape.

So when this cute Brazilian guy I had just met at a party a few weeks prior suggested we spend Christmas in Bolivia and New Years on the Salt Flats, I was intrigued. Quite certain, however, that my family would not appreciate my dashing away to a foreign country to spend the holidays with someone I barely knew, in the middle of no internet connectivity, I demurred and took a raincheck. Fast forward a year, and Salar de Uyuni was the main highlight of a fantastic trip to Bolivia with the cute Brazilian guy  – now my fiance – a wonderful accent of adventure between visits to meet Grandma and take seconds of her delicious sopa de mani,

sopa de mani

I was polite enough not to whip out my smartphone and take food photos the first time I met Grandma. This is sopa de mani at a Bolivian restaurant in Alexandria, nowhere near the same taste.

morning trips to feed the lovely dogs on the property on the town outskirts,

Dogs in Tiquipayapups

and overall indulgence in delicious food and lovely company.

food in bolivia

So while not apocalyptic, it was still an awesome adventure. Details soon!


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