Summer travails and travels

Summer has passed by without a backwards glance, desperate attempts to catch up with it coming to naught amidst the intense flurry of work and weekend escapades… and nary a moment to record it all.

this marks 2 months when I have not been out of the country  (not even just across the Niagara River!) and normally I would be getting antsy, “wanderlust”  taking control of me like  a spoiled child that is just too cute not to give in to.

but domestication has its sweet side, especially when it entails weekend local bike rides or jaunts all over the beautiful US in the company of lovely people.

Just around the corner:


Sunset over the canal in Georgetown


Sunset at Dulles airport


Or sunsets with more drama, appropriately framing a performance of Hamlet in the park


If Degas or Monet took photos I think this is what they would look like


From a significant height even that center of meat-packing industry and credit card companies, Sioux Falls, has drama and beauty:




Waterfront cafes


a sunsetted silo


and finally the munchkins who make any site a place of drama… and beauty




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