Why I Love Lampposts

My secret Algerian obsession is, indeed, lampposts. If you’re still reading, you might be asking yourself, of all things to obsess over in a foreign country, why choose lampposts?

Well, my friend. I did not choose lampposts. Algerian lampposts chose me.

Algerian lampposts are fascinating, because they are like people.

Some of them are living monuments to history.


The date engraved on this may or may not have anything to do with French taking over the country.

Some are dainty and well-poised.


Some of them are introverts who see the big picture


Some of them like enforced socialization, with objects from other worlds


Others are extroverts and prefer to spend time in clusters


They can take the role of official soldiers guarding a palace


but inside they are actually unruly schoolgirls who want to dance in the wind


When they’re young, they sometimes have no idea who they are or what they’re supposed to be doing.


Some of them figure it out quickly and become pillars of learning at universities

P1020283 P1020286

Others skip out on the formalities and live the happy life in the countryside


Some try to fulfill a desperate need to fit in


and serve a purpose


get decked out and join in festivities of national importance for the common good


Some find themselves in situations they can’t detach themselves from,

so they adapt


A few find themselves suspended in between the good old times, and modernity


And some throw themselves into modernity with nary a qualm about its potential ugliness


Can’t really blame me with being obsessed with them, can you?


3 responses to “Why I Love Lampposts

  1. Can I learn to be you? Because to me, a lamppost is just a stick with light. Then I read your blog and I’m like, “Lampposts!! They are so great!” 🙂 Now that I’m thinking about it, they are pretty magical. The lamppost in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe comes to mind.

  2. They creep up on you, I swear! I never really noticed them until Algeria either. 🙂

  3. Loved the pictures and the captions-if you will 🙂

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