Walking the non-touristy streets of Montreal

The weather may have been forbidding, but my time in Montreal was limited, so I forced myself out to visit the city the way I enjoy most – on foot. I’m glad I braved the rain and wind to discover so many interesting things outside of the tourist zone:

St. Denis, in the heart of the colorful and flavorful 'Quartier Latin".

Further up Rue St. Denis.

In the right bottom corner you can see the colorful mail box.

There was a geocache hidden here.. The clue was 'suppository'. I guess we know what the person hiding it thought of modern art 😉

Just like I expected, there was interesting usage of French words. Depanner is one of my favorite French words, which means to fix something or help someone out. French depanneurs are handymen; but in Quebec, a depanneur is simply:

A convenience store obviously sells the essentials.

Then I wandered more in the direction of the Old Town, where I saw:

To the right of the statue you can see the word "Kocisko". I know it's the name of an insurance company, but I enjoyed the fact that in Polish it means "big cat"!

I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the modern glass building, the grey columns, and horse-drawn carriage:

And finally stumbled upon a scene that could belong anywhere:


Stay tuned tomorrow while I introduce you to my favorite place in the city!

4 responses to “Walking the non-touristy streets of Montreal

  1. Hey, I like your style and attitude. Thanks for the walking tour of Montreal. I hope to go there someday. I also love to explore cities on foot, so this is a nice preview. I also read your review of Eat, Love, Pray (which I haven’t read or watched), and thought it was very insightful. I look forward to exploring your other posts. Cheers!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. Montreal is a lovely city, and I only feel I’ve uncovered the tip of the iceberg, many more kilometres to cover on foot there 🙂

  2. The second to the last picture of horse drawn carriages looks like taken from the Cathedral of Notre Dame and there’s the city hall across from it. (But correct me if I’m wrong)

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