My Quick French Fix

This past weekend I discovered a lovely alternative to France, one that had been under my nose for years. It showcases and even improves on the best of France (the lilt of the language, the food, the beautiful places) and leaves out the worst (go and read about Why France Drives Me Crazy in the menu above to find out what that is).

Can you guess what place I am talking about?

Metro stations:

Just like in Paris!

Painters selling their artwork in the street:

There are beautiful churches dedicated to Notre Dame:

And a wide variety of restaurants with delicious food!:

It wouldn’t be a daughter of French culture if it didn’t have boarded-up churches and student protests as well:

So, any guesses?


6 responses to “My Quick French Fix

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Are you in London? 🙂

  2. Quebec City

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