The Morning Glory of Almaty

The sunlight was streaking into my room through the pale curtains when I awoke the next morning, having slept through until noon after the adventures of the night before.

When I stumbled out onto the balcony, it turned out my impressions from the night before were not incorrect.

We were far away from civilization.

Then I stepped out onto the balcony:

The building was colossal.

I brought my camera out, and confirmed my last suspicion:

Beautiful mountains were awaiting me in the distance.

But first, my stomach clamored for breakfast.

So I started the trek down the hall.

Kilometers away and 7 stories below, food beckoned.


4 responses to “The Morning Glory of Almaty

  1. Post-Soviet architectural functional beauty. Basque in it.

    I’d go for you reporting from every corner of the world your uncle Geoff has visited, and giving me a very different report on each.

  2. post-Soviet?! Looks like post-Stalin, maybe. Of course, it looks very much like where i stayed in 9/2009. The Vee shaped of the layout of the building allows a single hall monitor at the vertex on each floor. Though my hall monitor seemed asleep most of the time.

  3. Well, why wouldn’t it be post- Soviet?

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