Still Wanderlust-Afflicted

What do a beach in the  Caribbean:

Kazakh mountain peaks:

Central Park:

and a hotel in Warsaw:

all have in common?

They are all places I stayed, worked and played during a rather intense 6 weeks. The differences in time zone, climate, internet availability and food digestibility have made the blog something I put aside temporarily, to return to in better times. I hope those better times have finally come. Otherwise, I will find myself in the Tristam Shandy conundrum – the poor man attempted an autobiography of his life only to find he would spend a year writing about one day.

4 responses to “Still Wanderlust-Afflicted

  1. the Tristam Shandy conundrum… you must have just made this up.

  2. Me? Make things up?! What kind of a British literature major would do that? 😉
    OK, this well-educated British literature major sometimes does, but this is real (if it’s on wikipedia, it has to be):

  3. well, tell if you tell us about Kazakhstan at least and I’ll tell you about Hanoi!

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