Love In The Time Of Bigos

Today I was supposed to bring you the second installment of the Very Subjective Expat Survival Guide but while doing serious grownup stuff like filling out Form 1040 and sorting out my American taxes before I take off for another year in France I mean googling a Polish proverb (because I needed to send it to someone and I’m too lazy to put the accents in myself), I came upon a forum thread that I absolutely have to share with you.

Now if  you are wondering what a stew-type concoction called bigos has to do with anything and especially love, let me explain that:

a) bigos is our national dish, not just pierogi and definitely not pierogis (the “i” sometimes and the ‘s’ never stands for the plural in the wonderful, most difficult language in the world known as Polish),

b) it actually is not relevant to anything you would ever care about, but it’s funny in an absurd way. Being Polish, I enjoy that.

So if you’re interested in seeing how a non-Polish guy tries to understand Polish women but is foiled by the Polish sense of humor, click here. Click there also if you are interested in why a post about making this:

photo by avlxyz via PhotoRe

is filed under the “Relationships, Marriage” category.

If for whatever reason you don’t find a single of the above links to be funny, no worries. The serious non-Polish side of me will be back with the expat survival stuff tomorrow.

That is, once I’m done making bigos out of people’s lives.

2 responses to “Love In The Time Of Bigos

  1. Bigos falls into the category of “ale bigos” – personally I do not know a single foreigner who would actually like it ;-). Most of them get bad stomachaches or other unpleasant stomach conditions ;-). It is heavy stuff for real Poles – nothing to joke about :-D.

    • Americans do, surprisingly! My mom has made bigos many times before and it’s always a hit! People eat so much we have to stop them because only we know how it can impact your stomach 😉

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