What I Miss About Lyon

The Rhone River by Jean Mace, my starting point

When I first moved to Lyon, I lived in the 7th district, by the train station Jean Mace (which had not yet, at that time, undergone the major face-lift that makes it now a passably hospitable station). The area didn’t boast of much, apart from the rail depot I could see from the window, and a indoor climbing wall whose existence I didn’t find out about until I moved out. The major attraction of where I lived (apart from the accommodating price) was the fact that I could, once I had conquered my unnatural fear of working the rental bike stand, ride a rather sturdy Velov bike along an endearing riverside path all the way to work.

This is what the bike path looked like:

Then I would pass the ‘fake beach’ (lacking sunbathers only because it was a chilly autumn morning):

Biking along with the river to my left:

I would, after about 15 minutes, eventually reach the last stretch:

Hard to imagine I’d find as pleasant a commute anywhere else… or at least it was until I moved to Croix Rousse! But that will come next time…


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