And I’m off again

Today: Washington DC to London, tomorrow: London to Lyon

Friday: Lyon to London to DC

What this means:

1) I got to spend a few awesome days with my godchild and his cool parents in DC

2) Please keep your fingers  crossed – I have a job interview on Thursday.

3) I’ll be back in France for a few days, if nobody goes on strike or no snow falls! (I wouldn’t mind getting my flight delayed on the way back so I could spend a few more days there, but I would like to get to the interview on time!)

I probably won’t be posting for a while, so enjoy your week and be sure to check back next week for more adventures!




2 responses to “And I’m off again

  1. “ATC” wants to reach interview ON TIME!! You are asking a lot here 🙂 Kidding, good-luck for the interview(in case you make it on time)

  2. Good luck with your interview! Guess I just missed you in LHR..I came back to the US on the 8th!

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